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Phase 6 Update

The Phase 6 project is currently waiting on Washington County to submit the community development block grant (CDBG) application for the project.  We were notified in June of this year that the project was eligible for a $750,000 grant administered through Washington County.  While Tri-County was anxious to advertise the project for bids this summer, the Board felt the additional grant funding could not be passed up.  Grants of this size are what help us to limit rate increases.  The project plans and specifications are complete and we are ready to advertise for bids as soon as the CDBG grant funds are finalized.  All other funding needed has been obtained.  We are hopeful we can advertise in November and begin construction in January but this will depend entirely on the CDBG grant.




The beginning of a project is hard to define, but I can tell you the contract for engineering services was signed in January of 2021 and the first grant funding was obtained in 2021.  In July of this year we also obtained $3,949,700 in funding from the EPA 50% of which is grant and the balance a 0% loan.  A financial commitment is requested from the residents being served to show a sincere interest in receiving water.  Tri-County spends hundreds of hours developing projects such as yours and must hire engineers to complete the plans to obtain the necessary permits.  This is a large financial outlay which is only feasible if we have an adequate customer base using the extensions once finally completed.  I know the residents are anxious to begin as is Tri-County.  Please know the money you have invested in water service has not been squandered.  Much has been accomplished behind the scenes and we are very close to beginning construction.  Unfortunately the CDBG funding is beyond our control and we cannot begin until authorized.  Starting early would result in the loss of the $750,000 grant.  We would ask for your continued patience and know that we will proceed to bidding and construction as soon as we are able.




Candice Armstrong, General Manager